Crate of Walnuts

Cageot de noix 3/4Here the famous crate of walnuts radio controlled and sailing! And yes this UNO (Unidentified Navigating Object) is well and truly radio controlled and go on the water. In the following paragraphs you will discover all its secrets !
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Couvercle cageot de noixDear visitors gourmands!

I see you coming and I warn you immediately all nuts are empty, myself gourmand I have emptied one by one and reglued!

Intérieur cageot de noixThe motorization of crate is equipped with a 2 Channel radio control (Drive: Front / Rear, Turn: starboard / port).
The battery is placed in the center of the crate for a good balance of flotation. This is a 4.8V 2100 mah battery, it provides an autonomy of approx 1 hour.

Vue de l'intérieur du cageot de noix The crate presents the advantage of its rectangular shape and a flat bottom. This greatly facilitates the installation of navigational equipment. The elements are well spaced and therefore avoids any interference between them.

Dessous du cageot de noix View of underside of crate of walnuts with the propeller shaft, rudder and feet supports. It is equipped with a three-bladed propeller with a diameter of 40mm.

Vue du dessous du cageot de noixProfile view of the crate of walnuts, we can notice the angle of the propeller shaft and the surface of the rudder.

Systeme de direction, gouvernail, servo, servomoteurThe steering system of the crate of walnuts is very simple. It is composed of a rudder and a servo. These two are connected by two rods and a electrical terminal (without insulation). The advantage of this system is that it is cheap, easily adjustable and very effective.

Inverseur du sens de marcheReverser the direction of operation of the crate, it is an all or nothing operation. This has the advantage of being very economical, reliable and easy to implement because no adjustment. Perfect for small engine like the crate of walnuts. Its operation will be described shortly.

Moteur du cageot de NoixHere is the engine of crate of Walnuts! It is connected to the propeller shaft by a flexible cardan made ​​from a hose used for aquarium air pumps. This is a motor Igarashi N2738-48GF powered in 4.8V.

Support du Cageot de noixThe support legs of the crate of walnuts are fixed in the crate corner reinforcements. This has the advantages of not having specific support and navigation do not rub the propeller on the shallow waters.

Couvercle du cageot de noixThe lid of the crate of walnuts is composed of a walnuts plate of plywood covered empty walnuts. Each walnuts has been emptied one by one, and then glued together.

Couvercle du cageot de noixThe lid of crate of walnuts is in two parts, a fixed part and a removable portion greater, is based on small battens.

cageot de noix naviguant radiocommandé RCThe crate of walnuts is sailing!

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